AAPIs Are Diverse

The Austin Asian Communities Civic Coalition (formerly Austin Asian Complete Count Committee) was formed to ensure that Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), the fastest-growing population in Central Texas, are accurately counted during the 2020 Census and have our voices heard during the November 3 General Election.


We aim to engage, inform, and motivate the AAPI community to become more civically engaged. 


Asian American Pacific Islanders have been in the Americas for hundreds of years. Since then, AAPIs have come to the United States always searching for a better life, and many of us have found one. There is no single AAPI story. That is why we must tell it. Working together, we can ensure that our communities are represented - at home and in Washington D.C.

Be Counted

The 2020 Census is critical for more than 22 million AAPIs. We all need to participate. If we want good jobs, education, and health care for our communities, then we must fill it out. The Census determines how more than $800 billion of federal funding comes back to our communities for hospitals, roads, public transport, and representation in Congress.


Everyone can fill out the 2020 Census. It does not matter if you are a United States citizen or not. You can fill it out online and it only takes 10 minutes! All of the information you provide on the form is 100% secure and cannot be shared with any other organization or government agency outside of the Census Bureau. The data is housed on a completely separate set of servers.

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Go Vote!

Our next election is on November 3, 2020. It is a big one!


Voting is one of the most important things an American citizen can do. It is our civic duty to participate in deciding who leads our country. From local elections to the Presidential election, if you want your values represented, it only happens when we vote. 

Voting in Texas is complicated, so if you head over to GoVoteTexas.org, you’ll find the important deadlines, the answer to frequently asked questions, and much more.


Before you vote, you have to register - so head over to Register2Vote.org to check your status and submit an application if you need to.


The last day to register to vote for the November election is October 5, 2020.

How to Vote

Once you’re registered, you can research candidates in your area and what they stand for, so that you can pick whom you’ll vote for. You can also head to our events section as AACCC will be hosting candidate forums leading up the election.


Once you’ve figured out whom you’ll be voting for, it is time to vote! In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, voting in person may be scary.


Texas does allow for vote-by-mail in specific cases:

  • 65 or over on Election Day

  • Sick or disabled (you are not required to state your disability).

  • Out of your county of residence during early voting and Election Day, or

  • In jail but otherwise eligible to vote


Applications for vote-by-mail are due on October 23, 2020. Your mail-in ballot must be received by your county’s election office by 7PM on November 3, 2020.

Mail-in ballot for Travis County (click here)

Mail-in ballot of Williamson County (click here)

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